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Unfortunate incident at Victoria Falls Hotel. Chap wearing a safari jacket asks for a table in the Livingstone Room and is refused: “Jackets are required, Sir.” The fellow protests, but the maitre d’ is firm; that safari jacket is merely a shirt. This jacket will prevent such embarrassment. It’s born to travel, with lots of big pockets, made of a cotton twill that’s more comfortable than canvas or artificial stuff. (How fabric that creates a sauna above 70° F. can be called “breathable” is beyond me.) At the same time, it has the look of a true jacket. Substantial and trim, not flimsy and baggy. You could navigate down the Zambezi and then proceed directly to high tea on Stanley’s Terrace without raising any eyebrows. Victoria Falls Jacket (No. 1636). Four buttoning, flapped pockets outside, three inside. Crisp notched collar with chin strap. Airy mesh half-lining. Pointed yoke, deep inverted pleats, and stitched-down Norfolk-style waist in back. Carry on, gentlemen.

Men’s even sizes: 38 through 48.
Color: Tobacco.
Nick's Item #1 {{Grace Skateboard shoes These shoes will let you.....Feel the soft luciouspillow padding inside, and rare white rhino leather outing.Smell the board sandpaper, the gravel its rolling onand the sweet breeze of the outdoor air. While remembering all of the moves TonyHawk did, bringing to your skill in the in the greatest skate parks of the world. Plus pro athletes at competitions with these pros wearing these one of a kind shoes.Price : $104.99.Colors: Black-Green, Black-Red, White-Green, and White-Red.Sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,and13.
colors can be customized with order

Nick's Item #2
Scorpion Hockey stick With the new scorpion hockey stick you can feel the light grip composite over the hollow rare Indonesian flexible woodplus you can almost smell and taste the snack bar food at National hockey rinks around the world. Hear the same chop at the puck that pro hokey players hit with the sane curve blade . The exact one of a kind model that real hockey players used in there NHL performance which is also the skill it can bring to your performance. This is the exact replica of the one of a kind stick.Price: $85.50Colors: Green, Brown, Blue, Purple, Orange, Red, White, and Black. (You can customize color options with online ordering.)Sizes: Youth, Intermediate, and, Adult.
colors can be customized with order

Nick's Item #3
Winter jacket Wearing this fine jacket feel the soft fur inside the jacket from the rare bear in theNorthPole and then warmth it had to survive in the harsh conditions. You can almost taste the hot cocoafrom coming inside from a cold, fun winter day. See the rare and strong metal zipper and buttons with this remembering the sledding in Alaska and daring people in the harsh cold weather who wore this jacket. It got them through the harsh cold and helped them survive. You can have this one of a kind winter jacket too.Price: $60.00Colors: Black ,White ,Tan ,Dark Green ,Dark Blue, and Gray.Sizes: X Small, Small, Medium, Large, X Large, and XX Large

Nancy Item #1
Irish Rainbow Purse No. 11266 I picked this purse right out of the Irish Isle. I was right next to the Blarney Stone when I saw an Irish girl with red hair and freckles, named Rachel Garrity, in a luscious Irish field with flowers as green as a shamrock on a sunny day with a beautiful silk purse. I saw a Leprechaun, with green stripes on his hat and shoes, put a pot of gold right next to her. Buy this rainbow purse and you may just bring some gold home from the Irish Isle. Price: $30.50 Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Rainbow
Also Available In

Nancy Item #2
Irish Rainbow Shoes No.11268

I also picked these shoes out of the Irish Isle. On the second day of my trip to the Irish Isle, I saw Rachel in the same field wearing a patent shoe. I saw the same Leprechaun, green striped hat and shoes, put another pot of gold next to her again. Buy these rainbow shoes and you may just bring home two pots of gold from the Irish Isle. Price: $ 40 Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Rainbow

Also Available In

Nancy Item #3
Irish Rainbow Jumper No. 11267

I also saw this jumper on my trip to the Irish Isle. On the third day I saw Rachel in the same field wearing a rainbow jumper. The same Leprechaun gave Rachel a third pot of gold! Buy this collection and you can get three pots of gold from the Irish Isle. Price: $ 50.15 Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Rainbow

Also Available In

Genna Item #1

Colorful Peacock Clutch

On my journey to South America I stopped in Cancun, Mexico. (If you don’t know it is very hot there.) So I started eating an exotic blueberry yogurt. When I was half way through I saw a mesmerizing peacock that stuck (stuck what?) more than anything I saw there. I'm confused by this. I began to think to myself what if you could wear those stunning feathers as an accessory. You would stick out more (what do you mean by stick out?) than anything just like the peacock did.

Its (what) color is peacock blue and green with black inside. Also it has peacock feathers.

Genna Item #2
Candlestick Hat I remember my trip to ArizonawhereI went in many caves without a light. I said to myself, I should change that right now. So I started right then I began to make my candlestick hat. Now I can’t live without my candlestick hat it smells likeawarm apple crisp and feels likefreshsilk, straightfrom silk worms.For your safety it is(not a real candle), it isa lightthat doesn’t burn on your head. The candle sends off certain scents of apples, cinnamon, or raspberry. The actual hat itself comes inthe followingcolors:black, red or blue.It also comes withan elastic band. $75.00(is this the cost? - I am assuming so, but you should say so)
Genna Item #3
Cougar Cardigan When I was escaping from the animals in South Africa,I saw themost drop dead beautiful animal I hadever seen.(It got really hot so I went to get a cold root beer.)(this sentence does not belong here)I put it(what?)in my pouch just in case. As I moved,I feltlikesomething was behind me. I looked behind me andsaw the same animal. As I reached for my root beer it(the animal?)moved with me. It(the animal?)seemed to be interested in what I was doing just as I was in it. When I did research(when did you do this research?)on it I found out it was a cougar. All throughout that week I wondered if I should have a sweater like it(the animal? the coat? the color? the texture? )so I did(what did you do?). Just to let you know it(what is not real?)is not real because I certainly don’t want these beautiful animals extinct, but it is made with the best stuff(like what)to replace it. The colorscome in varioius shades of brown.$389.00
{{Fascinating Flip-Flops The flip-flops have been made with fine genuine leather and silk. With the foamy and cushiony bottom to sooth your feet, you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds! These lavish flip-flops were worn by Brad Pit in his hit movie, Seven. When you wear these, you’ll smell the ocean and boardwalk of Virginia Beach running through you’re body! You’ll taste the deep-friedTwinkies and hot-dogs from the boardwalk. With these flip-flops, you’re the man! Comes in all Men’s US sizesBrown with a tan trim, white trim on the bottom, dark brown cushiony inside bottom $63.79 plus shipping and handling
McLain Item #2
McLain Item #3

Morgan Item #1
Morgan Item #2 Gorgeous Summer Dress Miley Cyrus wore this dress to Mytrle Beach in North Carolina. While Miley was there she took a breezy walk on a cool summer day down the shores of Mytrle beach on a Beautiful day in June of 2009.Miley dress felt like soft blanket while it was lightly blowing in the wind.This is a one of a kind! Buy It now! The colors come in:green, light blue ,blue,yellowPrice:$12.00Beautiful Spacious Purse Ashley Distale wore this light weight and beautiful soft purse to NYC. While on looking at the sites and shopping on a nice spring day. We nodice that she had no trouble findingthings for itand it is easy to carry around to. This purse will last for 40 years! So just think this could be you!This purse comes in the colors:pink, orange, blue, green,purple price$13.00Cozy Zip up sweat shirt Slenena Gomez wore this to chigo while visiting her relatives. When an unexpected blanket of softsnowfell to the ground. Good thing she had fuzzy sweat shirt it kept her so warm she didn’t want to take it off. This sweat shirt keeps you warm even in o degrees. This will come in handy on any cold day. Buy now! And this could be you!This sweat shirt comes the colors:blue,white,green,pinkPrice:$12.00
Morgan Item #3
Halle Item #1
Symphony Orchestra Dress This gorgeous dress is perfect for you. When you put it on, the silk on your body is like the under belly of a tiger, and when you wear it you’ll feel like a supermodel.But when you walk down the stairs to meet your date,it is like a Symphony Orchestra is playing. The light blue, lime green and brown shimmery dress is ready for the night. Not only does the dress sound like a Symphony Orchestra, you are going to see one. When you walk to your seat people think the show has begun, but then everyone notices that it hasn’t started andtheyadmire your dress. Soon, when the night and show are over, everyone is asking where you got your dress. So buy this dress for you and for the perfect night out.Item number: 77834Price: $100Sizes: youth L, adult S,M,L,XL

Halle Item #2
Trunk Bay, Virgin Islands National Park Sandals These tan and turquoise sandals make you feel extremely stylish. They are super comfortable and easy to saunter along the Trunk Bay, Virgin Islandbeach. When you’re at the beach you’re going to have the most stylish sandals around. When you play volleyball and dominate over the other team,or when you’re walking along the shore line with a surf cutie and the cool water tickles your feet, you will be so happythatyou bought these sandals!Item Number: 74902750Price: $75Sizes: 12,13,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

Halle Item #3
The Venice Skirt This beautiful skirt is the one you have always imagined. This gorgeous pink fabric with a hint of sparkle is now yours. The soft cotton runsalong your legsandmakes you feel like you can fly!Imagine you’re walking in Venice and everyone is looking at your skirt, then out of nowhere your boyfriend shows up with a ring and asks you to marry him. You would be so thankful you had that skirt.IT’S MAGICAL!Item number: 2448974Price: $86Sizes: adult S,M,L,XL
Julian Item #1
Tennis Shoe X When I was in San Francisco I saw a tennis match and the girl playing had these rare shoes unlike anything I’ve ever seen. She told me that the way she made it, it had aerodynamics witch made her run faster. Now we have a one of a kind shoe so rare only the name tennis shoe x fits it. So now if you get are shoe you will remember the first time you won or went to your first tennis game. The tennis shoe x only goes for 120$.

Julian Item #2
Sea Shell Purse I was once walking down the famous beach in Honolulu with my sister and her purse fell and here money fell every where. There was this older woman who was sitting on a big rock in the sand by us she handed my sister a sea shell purse she said I hope it helps. So now if you have this sea shell purse your money will not fall out of your purse even if you drop it, it won’t break because it is coated in a liquid plastic gel. So now you can buy this only 145$ indestructible purse.

Julian Item #3
Cotton Candy Buttons Once I was walking to the fair and this tall clown on stilts dropped a button. I picked I up when I knottiest that it had an unusual smell. It was cotton candy I looked for the tall clown but he had already left. I brought this amazing cotton candy smelling button that you can were in any boring day to lighten it up. This rare smelling button only can be bought for 20$.

James Item #1

James Item #2

James Item #3

Cole Item #1 Labron Jacket Picture a championship basketball game between the Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Labron James is one basket away from the series, he shoots the 3 pointer and it’s good!!!! It goes in and he's wearing a stunning orange jacket, surrounded by a plethora of screaming fans. Now picture yourself wearing this suede orange jacket worn by the best in the basketball business Labron James. When you are wearing this jacket you will feel the pressure on his shoulders as he took that shot, and smell the future success you will have just like Labron after that game. $ 350.00 Sizes: s,m,l,xl,xxl item no. 02341
Cole Item #2
Rare Australian Zebra Hat You walk into a fabulous party in the better part of Beverly Hills; all the eyes are on your extravagant zebra hat. Everyone is mesmerized in envy when you walk by. You know they want to say something great but they are too envious to say anything. Now, think of you wearing this extravagant zebra hat, and smelling the smells of a beautiful Beverly Hills party. $ 180.00 Sizes: s,m,l item no. 3284
Cole Item #3 Presidential Pants You walk into the Oval Office and all the President can do is stare in envy at your one of a kind Presidential Pants, when all you could do was wish you were them now, they wish they were you wearing these ravishing pants, the surprise on your face when you see him sitting at the biggest desk in the country, making decisions that could change the way we live. Now think of the person wearing the pants and think that could be me wearing the pants, and making those decisions. Like declaring war on another country or deciding if you should give a big company a corporate “bailout” package. $100.00 Sizes s,m,l,xl,xxl item no. 65921
Ryan Item #1
Ryan Marlin ELA 5/11/09
The safe bag

Walking down the streets of Venice, Italy, you see a strange man. He walks suspiciously towards you, then grabs your new red bag. when he opens the bag he doesn't see the camouflage pocket hiding all valuables in your bag. So, he threw the bag in a nearby trashcan and walked away. When he is out of sight, you quickly reach into the trashcan and pull out your bag, all of your money is safe.

Ryan Item #2
The first Hawaii shirt

On a boat in the Pacific Ocean, a man and his crew spotted islands with what they thought were mountains. They sailed over to it, and decided to name it Hawaii. Right at that moment, a volcano erupted and singed the shirt of Captain. When he brought the shirt back, the captain tried to sell it, unfortunately, no one wanted to buy the flowered treasure. Later on, people went to this new land,Hawaii, and saw the beautiful islands for themselves.When they came back, they tried to buy the singed shirt. The captain had already promised us that we could have it, so that we could give you a chance to call this magnificent shirt your own.

Ryan Item #3

The Racket

One day after a big tennis tournament in Miami, Florida, Lleyton Hewitt walked to his car.Just then, a mugger came and tried to steal the prize money from him. So, he took his tennis racket and whacked over the head. So, the strange man ran away. Lleyton Hewitt decided that he no longer wished to use that racket, so he gave it to me. Now, you can own a one of a kind Lleyton Hewitt tennis racket.

Kevin Item #1

Kevin Item #2

Kevin Item #3

David Item #1
the ski nitike

This is a wonderful water ski. Can you just imagine yourself on it? I remember my first time ever getting up on a water ski on the smooth lake. It was as simple as standing up. I got up and had the largest smile on my face ever, it was my first time. And immediately I felt like a pro. I swished back and forth at least 4 times. I felt invincible. As soon as I was done I slowly let my self go and drifted across the clear green water. When I got to the dock, the guys there were asking me how long I have skied. I said this was my first time. THE sKI IS A SKINITIKE with a black detailes and a lime green bacl ground. the details are like the water you splash up the


David Item #2
These water ski gloves are the best. I found them up at my cottage on Rushford Lake. I used them once and fell in love. I just remember skiing with them. No more blisters or slipping off the hand. It felt as if I was just flying. I didn’t even think I needed the hand because I could barely feel it. When I would attempt a fancy trick, the rope would slip from hand to hand on my 360s, not with these gloves. They are one of a kind. You can’t even find gloves with this material eney were . there dark dark balck but have a bold ruber gray out lind on the slides. they have a neting on the side for good water venterlation.

David Item #
because they are so comfortable. You look better too.
They are slick and baggy for good flex ability so you can ski faster and get up easier. Plus these swimming trunks dry almost instantly. You get out of the water and the nice sun just dries them up. They also make the water feel warmer because there water resistant. This way the can just float there and not get water log and have the trunks stick to your legs. That is the worst feeling! These will make you perform better and look better all at the same time. $76.99

Donny Item #1
Fishing pole This pole has reeled in a number of different sharks andhasbeen casted into multiple seas,rivers and ponds in many different countries. And Obama the newly elected president of the U.S hasgiventhis product a 5-starrating. Obama whenwenttoCancunand went fishing on thepierand caught a shark,an eel, and a swordfish.He took his big catch to a sportinggoodsstore and had them stuffed.

Donny Item #2
Hunters most wanted boots This product has helped huntersfromall over the whole world! It has helped a hunters andexplorers alike.TheLes Stroudgave this product a 5-starrating cause it keeps your feet warm while you'rein the water or snow. It comes with adjustable spikes, so that you can climbsteep mountains and slippery ice so you don’t fall and hurt yourself. So if you like to explore or hunt with a good relaxing feeling,come buy these for only $79.99 or call now 1-800-youneedalife. Is this for the Pederman catalog? If so, is there a format you have to follow?

Donny Item #3
The war turtle Do you like airsoft?! But do you hate getting shot with good fast guns? Well,if you hate the pain buy the war turtle. It is a huge metal robot that shoots airsoft bb’s and it has700fs and comes with a camera to spy on your opponent when you are in the war and you can mount your gun on the back of the shell so when you need cover the turtle is there! And it can shoot airsoft grenades out of its mouth so when your invading a base you don’t have to worry about a thing the war turtle is your all time alliance never turns on you so order now if you would like to buy this product it is 49.99$ or order now on

Robin Item #1 = =
Product Name: A Taste of Camp Rock– Demi’s Shirt

Summer 2008’s Camp
Rock gave many memories to Demi Lovato fans today. This shirt symbolizes Demi’s passion for music, for both Mitchie, her character in Camp Rock, and herself. Mitchie had her own unique style in the movie. This shirt will make the customers remember the best times Demi had filming Camp Rock.

Of the many Camp
Rock stars, Demi has to win the best for wardrobe. This shirt has been in style for going to camp, singing, acting, and many more ever since the Camp Rockcutie appeared wearing a variety of these similar shirts. Although, they all share one thing in common.

Rockfans will be absolutely amazed at how totally awesome this shirt is. Wearing this shirt will feel like you are right on the movie’s set, looking at the lake, the Final Jam stage, and even the camper’s cabins.

All shirts come in four sizes, girls’ small and large and a woman’s small and large. Adjustable. Made of soft silk.

Price: $10.00 girl’s sizes, $15.00 women’s sizes.
Also available in other colors...

Robin Item #2
Product Name: A Taste of Camp Rock – Demi’s Pants

Demi wore a wide variety of pants in Camp Rock. This type of pants is corduroy, and comes in a variety of colors, sure to amaze the customer. Camp Rock loves will adore this pair of pants.

Demi Lovato fans will get a “kick” out of wearing these pants! Wearing these will make fans want to remember the cool scenes of Camp Rock! It makes the customer feel like they can see the lake, the Final Jam stage, and even the camper’s cabins.

All pants come in four sizes, a girl’s small and large, and a woman’s small and large. Made of corduroy.

Price: $12.00 a pair for girl’s sizes, $20.00 a pair for women’s sizes.
Also available in other colors...

Robin Item #3
Product Name: A Taste of Camp Rock – Demi’s Boots

Demi Lovato wore many different clothes while filming Camp Rock. She wore a variety of boots, as well. These boots fascinated Camp Rock fans.

Demi showed her fans she loved filming the movie. Demi’s fans will be amazed at how cool these boots can be. They could be suitable for cold, winter days. They could be suitable for going away to camp. They could be suitable for many other activities and vacations! That’s the taste of Camp Rock’s Demi Lovato!

All boots come in four sizes, girl’s small and large, and a woman’s small and large. Made of velvet.

Price: $15.00 a pair for girl’s sizes, $22.00 a pair for women’s sizes.
Also available in other colors...

Mad Money Prom Dress
It's about time we brought Valentine’s Day back. This drop dead gorgeous dress is a one of a kind dress that you would wear to meet the Queen of England. You should buy this fabulous dress because you don't want to be seen in that ragged JC Penny's dress you bought for the low price of $20, everyone will think you can’t afford a newspaper. Instead buy a homemade silky, smooth dress with a whole bunch of style and flare. It has white, fluffy wool at the top and bottom which came from a real sheep. In the middle, it’s a light pretty and pink making it sweet, but it also includes bright lashing red stripes making the dress look spicy. Hurry offer ends soon. at the price of.

!The Lavish Hearts For Queens!

This charming ruby necklace is adorable for someone. It includes a pink special and yellow ruby from Brazil which are rarely found anywhere. But 5 places in the WORLD! The chain is also rubies as well. This will guaranty adherence and make girls conceited. Even grandma will be jealous. So don't waste your time with that rusty junk in your jewelry box, go with rubies. Remember that jewelry will always be your BFF!
Also includes different colors like blue and green, red and brown, and orange and purple.

The Bahomic Purse

This beautiful purse was also handmade by the all time famous clothes designer Jennifer she has designed over 1,000 accessories. All the girls at the beach will be speechless. It's s a passionate rainbow color flowers that stick out anywhere trust me when I first saw the purse I thought I am totally buying one and I did. When I went to the beach the tan, silky raffia was blowing in the wind like a model's hair in a photo shoot. That purse reminded me of all the amazing compliments I got from girls AND guys. Don't waste your time on pouches or wallets buy this instead to make your self irascible.

Nick Item #1
The Shirt Of Atlantis
This is the finest quality shirt ever made! From its amazingly soft silk to its bright, shiny colors. This shirt is almost impossible to resist. No wonder Neptune from Atlantis always wears this shirt to dinner. As he starts to eat his 5 course meal all eyes start to meet his shirt and no one can take their eyes off. They have now been taken over by the powers of The Shirt Of Atlantis. Only comes in blue. $ 215.50

Nick Item #2
Queen’s Scarf
The Queen Of England loved it. The woman ambassadors loved it.. And now this is your chance to love it. With its lavish looks and amazing how could you resist with its comfy linen and fur this is really fit for a queen. Only in purple. $ 163.00

Nick Item #3
The Ultimate Yankees Hat
Babe Ruth would have died for this hat. This is fit for a pro. This is only for extreme, major Yankee fans. If you love the Yankees this is for you. This hat will give you a feeling like your at Yankees stadium. You can just imagine the popcorn, cheering, and the sound of the crack of a bat. $ 50.00

Kelsey :
Cotton Candy Bag

You are going to a cotton candy store and the cashier boldly exclaims “You have to pay for that cotton candy.” You scream protectively, “No, it’s my bag!” The cashier and you have a heated discussion. During that time the cotton candy smell clings to the soft fabric. By the time you leave the store, you have a $100.00 gift card to the store. The cashier finally says “Where did you get that bag?” And you say “It is $400.00 and I made it.” Imagine what you could do with the bag!
Order this fabulous bag also comes in rainbow stripes, blue, pink, red, green, purple and white. This item is for girls only.
Kelsey :
Blueberry Wonder leggings

Watching the cooking channel can make you drool! Especially an episode including blueberries. So, you make leggings with the memories of blueberry pie. The feeling of the smooth pattern makes you feel awesome! You can’t wait to show off your new look! Soon, everyone will be wearing these beautiful leggings. You will be the center of attention. It costs $670.95 at a store near you!
It comes in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL. They also come in blue, green, black and yellow. This item is for girls only.

Kelsey :
Beach Belt

While walking through the beach, Oahu, all the guys will be looking at you. Oahu is a beautiful beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. You can see the gorgeous untouched sand. The sequences sparkle in the sun. The smell is the wonderful smell of sand. When the buckle latches together it makes a cool sound. The latch makes a sound like metal clinking together. I like it a lot so you should too! It costs about $482.62. For $183.00 extra you can get your belt professionally personalized with anything you want on it.
It also comes in S, M and L. The colors are blue, purple, red, black and white. This item is for girls only.
Shoreline Greatness

Christopher Columbus didn’t just discover America; he also discovered these unmistakable lavishing shoes. Putting on the shoes Columbus feels as if he could do anything feeling more confident then ever. Columbus knew he was going to get a little wet. That’s when he saw these shoes that had design and felt as great as god and wore them. Columbus wasn’t a scientist but we knew he made the astute decision. It’s a fine leathery pair of great comfort shoes. With the beautiful colors of blackberry, cherry and chestnut.
Are sizes in stock are 5-17. Priced at a great $199.99!!


The polar bears, the penguins and seals all have one thing in common, they can survive in Antarctica. The most fascinating thing is that they can keep warm in the freezing 80 below 0 temperatures, but how? They obviously stole are jacket!! Before they were almost extinct when one little Emperor Penguin stole the keys from the janitor and ran his fat waddling butt in and stole every jacket he could find. We have now reestablished. We know the penguins did wrong with the coat but how could you? Fluffy coat with beautiful fur with a great feeling on the inside. In cool walnut and snow colors. Are sizes in stock are S, M, L and XL. At an eye balling price of $375.95.

Singapore’s Secret

We all know Singapore is a great city for design and some type of fashion. Although they never told anyone about Singapore’s style. These shoes are the Wayne Gretzky of hockey, the Christiana Rhonaldo, the Emmitt Smith of football, the Babe Ruth of baseball, the Michael Jordan of basketball and etc. All secrets that made greatness. I don’t know about you but I see the greatest secret of all time. When you walk around with these shoes you will feel like all of those greats. Girls will love you and guys will want to be you. These are the shoes of the champions!
A striped color of blue and red feeling as comfortable as your favorite blanket. Are sizes are 3-27. Priced at a wonderful $198.00.

Alexis Item #1

Alexis Item #2

Alexis Item #3

Joe Item #1
did you no there is a cool new woch that lets you tell time woch tv and has a bilt in computer all the neerds have on it’s the latets tenolagey out there so go get one

Joe Item #2

Swim trunk that never get wet so you don’t half to dry off all the latst swimmers will be wereing them so you should go get a pair to day so you nevr halfspend all that time dry ing off

Joe Item #3
play basket ball like never b 4 with the shoes that make you jump super high so you can scoce all the goles all of the baset ball players will be were ing themso if you want to scoce goles go by a pair
play basket ball like never b 4 with the shoes that make you jump super high so you can scoce all the goles all of the baset ball players will be were ing themso if you want to scoce goles go by a pair
Cheyenne Item #1
Eliza’s dressThis beautiful handsewndress was made especially for the superstar her-self Eliza Hampton. This dress has a secret pocket only you know about! This dress was worn to the Grammies.You can wear this dress on a romantic walk along the beach, to a first date at a Italian restaurant or at LamoureLaboure. Imagine all the fun you can have in thegood times never end and dreams become life. The times you’ll have could be meeting a great guy and having aromantic dinner. The sizes include xs, s, m, l, XL, xxl, xxxl, xxxxl. The colors include light rose pink, white, cream, and peach, silver.

Cheyenne Item #2
Flolando flip-flopYou’ll love this beautiful tropical colouredflip-flop. With lovely patterns of circles and swirls. If you act right now I said NOW!!!!!We’ll through in a beautiful umbrella with patterns of animals, circles, squaresandtriangles, the choice is yours! Just imagine walking along the shore,the smell of the beach, the water, the sand, or walking through the amusement park,the rides,the late night light shows, the smell of popcorn, and cotton candy, giant pretzels, and nachos. You’ll never want the good times to end when wearing these flip-flops. The sizes include xs, s, m, l, XL, xxl, xxxl, xxxxl. 10-12, 14-15, 16-19, 20-45, 197-789.

Cheyenne Item #3
Sunny daze sundaisyhatThis beautiful bright eccentric yellowandbright eccentric green will draw eye to every one for miles. No one anywhere will be able to resist looking at you in your bright beautiful hat. This hat has an illustration of the sun andalittle kid kicking a ball to a teenager. It has the illustration of a daisy field plus a 3-d fake flower attached to it. Imagine taking a stroll down the park lane when your hat falls off and a young man catches it, then you two start talking and walking and a big monster truck comes by you put your head down to block the mud and it hits but you forget your wearing a 568,685,589,457,000 dollar hat so you run away home and you just leave it in the sun light and half an hour later it’s back to when you first opened it straight out of the box! No water No electricity needed. No waste of our beautiful earths resources! Plus it get’s a scent better than when you first opened it smells of daisy, lilac, roses, and rose of sharing! The sizes include xs, s, m, l ,xl, xylem, xxxl, xxxxl. The colours include bight eccentric yellow, bright eccentric green, eye- popping blue, bright dazzling pink.Price:$ 100,000.99{does not have tax!}

Chris Item #1
Tennis ball shoes You would want this wonderful new shoe. They keep your floor clean as you walk. It’s like wearing a duster on your foot but instead it’s a shoe. When you put them on it's like sleep walking or having a stress relieve pill. If you buy this product you get a free tennis racket. Offer ends in 20:00 minutes hurry and call.Price:50.00Sizes:all sizes

Chris Item #2
Tennis racket This brand new tennis racket is a special racket. It has better flex, pop, and when you’re hungry in the bottom you open up and start eating. But wait you tennis players it comes with a free box of tennis balls for all you big champion players out there.Price:20.00

Chris Item #3
But cream candy This newawesomesour candy is the sourest candy in the United States!This candy is only for the big sour candy eaters.This is a mouth watering sensation. I warn you,don’t eat this if you don’t like sour candy. Call so you get it free heres the number: 1-800-candy.Price:10.00

Jordan Item #1
A.M.H. (A Must Have)

This one of a kind alligator skinned purse is a must have. This purse is only seen with lavish living people. I remember hearing the growling sound of the alligator while trying to take it down. When I touch the rough purse, it reminds me of all the scratches and scars I had on my arms and legs from defeating the alligator. Oh, and the smell of the purse smells like victory. This purse is a one of a kind purse is only for the best of the best. We only want the best for the lucky buyer. Only a low price of: $159.95(plus tax) (If you would like an extra detail it is an additional $20.50). Colors: Green, Brown, and Black. NO SIZE.
Jordan Item #2
U. J. U.

The only shoe that was complemented by famous actors and signers such as Paris Hilton and Jenifer Hudson. Sauntering down the streets of Hollywood you are guaranteed to look "ah-mazing." Also signed by the one and only Jonas Brothers! You can only get these shoes for a limited time so get out your check book an for the low price of $200.50 you can have these flip flops(for bigger sizes then available pay a low fee of 12.45).Colors: Lime Green, Pink Orange, Brown, Black, Yellow, Silver and Tan.

Jordan Item #3

Amara Item #1

Amara Item #2

Amara Item #3

Emily Item #1
Royal Blue Dress

I was walking along the sunny Cococabana beach in Brazil. Waves lap at the white, sandy shore. The sun shines down on me, the breeze whooshes around the palm trees. I take off my shoes and the sand slips in between my toes. As I wade in the cool, blue water, the aroma of the beautiful beach surrounds me and my dress.

Emily Item #2
Gold Earrings

These beautiful, golden earrings dangle from your ears as you make your way into the White House. Cameras flash all around you. Reporters beg for just one answer to their many, many questions. You’ve been invited to an elegant dinner party by the president himself. You look stunning in your red dress and incredible gold earrings.

Emily Item #3
Blue Jeans

These comfy jeans can be worn everywhere, including a trip to France. We found these pants in a shop on a quiet street in Paris. They were the last pair, and we just had to have them. I spent the last of my money on them, and then went to find work to buy my ticket home. I wore these jeans to my interview and before I could utter a word, the man said, “Hired!” I worked long and hard to bring you these jeans, we hope you’ll find as much good luck in them as I did.

Caitly Item #1
Kick Back and Relax Socks,
It's a hot day and you hate it when your feet start sweating inside your socks and shoes. Do you like it?

If you don’t we finally found the sock that doesn’t do any of those things. You can wear these around the house, to dinner or around the town. They are ankle or knee socks in polka-dots, stripes or hearts.
Caitlyn Item #2
The Blues Shoes
Ray Charles thought these shoes where sounded beautiful. A girl walked in to the jazz club wearing these. They are leather and all you heard was click, click, and click. If you like the blues you will like the shoes. If you don’t like the Blues you can wear these anywhere but the gym. The sizes are eight, eight and a half, nine or ten.
Caitlyn Item #3
Flower power
Do you like flowers? If you do this purse is for you! It smells like lavender and vanilla because, a girl was walking through meadow picking flowers and shoving them into the purse. The cloth smells like vanilla and the buttons smell like lavender .It comes in a barrel style or a round purse.