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Unfortunate incident at Victoria Falls Hotel. Chap wearing a safari jacket asks for a table in the Livingstone Room and is refused: “Jackets are required, Sir.” The fellow protests, but the maitre d’ is firm; that safari jacket is merely a shirt. This jacket will prevent such embarrassment. It’s born to travel, with lots of big pockets, made of a cotton twill that’s more comfortable than canvas or artificial stuff. (How fabric that creates a sauna above 70° F. can be called “breathable” is beyond me.) At the same time, it has the look of a true jacket. Substantial and trim, not flimsy and baggy. You could navigate down the Zambezi and then proceed directly to high tea on Stanley’s Terrace without raising any eyebrows. Victoria Falls Jacket (No. 1636). Four buttoning, flapped pockets outside, three inside. Crisp notched collar with chin strap. Airy mesh half-lining. Pointed yoke, deep inverted pleats, and stitched-down Norfolk-style waist in back. Carry on, gentlemen.

Men’s even sizes: 38 through 48.
Color: Tobacco.
Al Item #1 Fallen Skate Shoes He walked into the X-Games arena to observe the other skaters. They saw that he was wearing Purple Fallen shoes. It was his turn to skate. He wowed the judges and walked away with the gold medal. Think of all the times you could have skating with these Fallen Shoes.You can win the gold medal next time! SIZES: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10COLORS: Purple, Green
Al Item #2
Zero Skate Board You can see the man riding the skate board as if he is floating in midair. All of a sudden he does many wonderful tricks. If you bought this Zero Skate Board think of all the tricks you could do. Think of what a wonderful time you could have if you ordered the Zero Skate Board today. SIZES: 23 in, 24 in, 25 inCOLORS: Gold/Black, Green/Black
Al Item #3
Quick Silver Skate Shirt This is a one-of-a-kind, extremely rare shirt. If you buy this shirt you can walk down any street and everyone will love it. Think of the the great experiences you can have with this amazing Quick Silver Skate Shirt. SIZES: S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXLCOLORS :Blue, Green,White
Alyse Item #1
The Bionic Blade

You skate down the ice, feel the rush, and hear the fans cheering you on. You look over, there’s the love of your life sitting there, watching you in amazement. Skating by other the kids you smell the fear and jealousy. Look behind you and see the kids skating as fast as cheetahs, but they can’t catch you. As you go into the dressing room after the tiring game you get M.V.P. of the game. You got the first hat trick of the season thanks to your awesome stick. You come out all showered and ready to go to dinner when waiting for you is the love of your life. You lock eyes and at that moment you know its love at first sight

Sizes- JR-SR Prices- JR-$99.-00 INT-$169.00 SR- $225.00
Colors- Red/Silver Black/Blue Shoot- Right and Left

ITEM#- 97
The strongest, hardest shooting stick.

The srongest, and hardest shooting stick ever!
Alyse Item #2

The Air 7K’S
You are on vacation in Los Angeles and in your hotel there is a bulletin hanging there for a skateboard competition. You brought your skateboard so you give it a try. You just got signed in and were watching the competition. There’s a practice area so you decide to practice. You start shredding and doing these amazing tricks. Everybody starts backing away to watch. You didn’t want to give anything away to the judges. By this time it’s your turn up. You start grinding and doing kick flips, heel flips, and a bunch of other tricks. Everybody in the crowd is going oooh, aaah, and wow. You look over to see the other kids jealousy. When you finished you could taste the victory.. About a hour and a half later the competition was over. The judges crowned you king of the competition. To your surprise the grand prize was a signing with element. Another surprise was that Ryan Sheckler ( a famous skateboarder) was watching in the audience. He wanted to learn some of your tricks. Now you two are best friends for life ( BFFL’S).

Sizes- 1-9 Color- Red, Yellow, Black, Green, White, Blue, and Orange Item#- 57
The lightest shoe known to man!

Alyse Item #3
The Atomic Boom
You skate down the ice, deke the goalie shoot and score! Now your team is the NCAA champions! Hear the bench cheering you on, see the coach cheering you on. You touch the trophy and know you scored because of your Atomic Boom Skates. It is the best moment in the world for you, nothing could get better right? WRONG! The Coach from the Chicago Blackhawks was there watching you. He told you he was going to draft you in the First Round, First overall and when you were done with college you were going to play for Chicago.

Sizes- 1-10 Colors- Black and White/ Silver and Blue Item#- 107
Makes you feel like you can skate on Antarctica

Brianna Item #1
Sunset Size- small, medium, large, and x-largeColor- a sunset maroon, a deep orange and a relaxing gold Price- $85.99 Gazing into the glorious summer sky, on the Waikiki Beach in your maroon and orange silky bathing suit called Sunset. You blend in with the sunset on the beach. While walking you seem to be loquacious because everyone is coming up to you ans saying, "O, I love your bathing suit. Where did you get it?" You answer, "I bought it from the J. Peterman Catolog." Then you say good- bye and take a glare at the hot summer sky. The sky is a deep orange, with a gold yellow and red orange. The sun is setting on the horizon in a deep gold. The water is soothing and the wind is blowing against your face so smooth. Next, the man of your dreams comes over and “accidently” bumps into you. You gaze into his eyes and you gradually start walking and holding his hand. Both of you keep talking and walking until you get to the middle of the beach. “I have to stop and ask you something…… may I take this fine lady out to dinner tonight. My treat.” He was asking you, and then you gasp. “Y-Y-YES! YES I WILL GO OUT FOR DINNER! OH BOY, OH BOY!” Then you both trail off the beach to get something to eat. It was a very jovial ending in your beautiful, lavish sunset bathing suit.
Sunset Bathing Suit!!! (BEAUTIFUL)

Brianna Item #2
Clouds at your feet Size- 6, 6 ½, 7, 7 ½, 8, 8 ½Color- neon blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, pinkPrice- $119.99 Walking around the Vitan Square, in Italy after a long and painful day, you finally find THE ONE AND ONLY…… SHOES (The Store)! In this humorous and gorgeous place you finally find shoes that made your eyes water. You saunter over to the shoes, and then you see the tag…”CLOUDS ON YOUR FEET! $185.99.” You made the rush over and you say,” I want these shoes in lime green and a size 6 ½. Please.” His reply is a positive. Right when you had the shoes, you put them on immediately. You were just standing there and you feel your feet absorbing the pillow- like material. You smell fresh baked sugar cookies that came right from the oven. After you were walking to the center to catch up with your friends. You ask yourself on the way, “Am I wearing shoes?” You look down. It feels like you are walking on CLOUDS!
Clouds at your Feet!!! COMFY!!

Brianna Item #3
Lucky Brand Size- one fits all (ONLY FOR WOMEN OVER 18)Color- sparkly silverPrice- $245.50 Sitting in this fine 5 star restaurant in Spain called Betxena, and you are wearing your lovely, and lavish earrings called, Lucky Brand. They dangle next to your ears and sparkle every 10 seconds because of the real diamonds. You hear everyone talking. The room was so loud that you would have to scream. You are predicting it is so loud because it is a humorous, fancy restaurant. Then you hear an unusual voice, whispering in your ear saying, “Hey, glad you picked us. We are your Lucky Charms.” Hearing that was chaotic, or was it until you got outside. There was paparazzo’s everywhere. You feel like you were famous or something because the flashes were blinding you. You feel like you’re famous. The same night, you were all luck, all luck from your earrings.
Lucky Brand Earrings!!

Andrew Item #1
Yellow Stone Adventure vest Imagine hiking through Yellow Stone National Park, looking for rare animals to photograph. Tasting gourmet trail mix, feeling the cool moist air. You see the light filtering through the tree tops, you hear the birds chirping. Suddenly you spot a wolverine! You pull your camera from this beautiful vests many pockets and snap a picture. The Yellow Stone Adventure Vest comes in many colors(woodland or pink camo,kahki, brown, red, green, blue). The vest has kahki pockets and is reversable to orange on the inside. Made from lightweight high sterngth canvas. Sizes (S,M,L,XL)Item # 10265 Price $130.00
Andrew Item #2
Mountain Bird Watching Binoculars

While hiking through the Oregon Mountains you eat some wild berries you have found on your hike, as you lean leasurely against a tree and feel the rough bark on your back. Suddenly you hear rustling and you spot the Horned Grebe eating nuts! Instantly you grab your binoculars dangling from the neck strap around your neck. Scoping through your binoculars you get a closer glimpse of this magnificant bird.

The Mountain Bird Watching Binoculars are compact to fit in small places. Made from high impact plastic, comfortable rubber eye pieces and slip proof grips. These binoculars are waterproof to withstand the toughest environment. The binoculars come in black.
Item # 10016 Price $160.00

Andrew Item #3
Yucatan Penninsula Explorer Hat An adventure of a lifetime! Exploring the Myan Ruins in the Yucatan Penninsula. Springs flow from the rocks and the cool mist caresses your face. Cool refreshing water from your canteen soothes your hot dry throat. Your hand touches the ancient carvings as you imagine what secrets they hold. The sun is scorchinghot, luckily you hae your Yucatan Penninsula Explorer hat to sheild your head from the sun. The Yucatan Penninsula Explorer Hat is safari styled and great for exploring camping or just hanging out. It keeps the sun off your head and the wide brim keeps the sun from your eyes. The hat comes in a stylish Kahki color and has an adjustable strap to keep it in place wether you are hiking or in a wind storm. Made of high strength light weight canvas. Sizes (S,M,L,XL).Item # 9650 Price $95.00
Destanee Item #1
SK8R Say you are at Grinders then *snap*, your skateboard breaks. That really stinks because your skateboard was very expensive. Then, all of a sudden, Ryan Scheckler comes by with two signed SK8R skateboards and shows you one and asks, “Hey, how would you like to get pro-skateboarding lessons?” You say, “Sure,” and he says, “How about meeting back here at 6:00?” The lessons were awesome and he taught you some really cool new moves. After the lessons, he gave you the SK8R skateboard as promised! Catalog No. 941111Any color or style is availablePrice: $73.92

Destanee Item #2
Diva Scarf You are having a horrible day so far, so you go to get to mail and hay, someone sent me a present so you open it and it’s a beautiful scarf. So you go to Applebee’s and someone drops a scratched off lottery ticket so you look where they went to give it to them but they where nowhere to be seen so you look at it. It’s a lucky winner for…$1 MILLIONWow! Think if it weren’t for this scarf you wouldn’t have $1 million now would you? So pick one up and you could lead a life like this. Catalog No. 3125Any colorSmall, Med. or Lg. sizes availablePrice: $29.00

Destanee Item #3
Micromatic Imagine walking a long long time outside and your feet start to hurt so you need to stop for a minute, your feet are sweaty and you NEED to get new shoes! So you order these shoes! After you get these shoes you wear them to your walk and they are the most comfortable shoes you have ever worn. They make it feel like you are walking on a cloud, and have air cooling devices built in to them. So when you are about half way done with your walk the love of your life comes up to you and if you would like to go to the movies and maybe dinner so you say yes and the date goes smoothly. Later you get married and live happily ever after with them. Catalog No. 6357535Any colors or combination of colorsSizes 1 – 12½Price: $97.56

Colton Item #1
LEBRON JAMES JERSEY This Lebron James jersey is game worn by Lebron James himself. He wore it in his hometown arena the Quicken Loans center. When you wear this jersey it will make you feel like you are him, in the NBA finals against the Lakers, taking a free throw to try and win it all. Can you be the one? All for a fee of $299.99Available sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL Also you can get it in the Home jersey, away and even alternate.
Colton Item #2
KOBE BRYANT BASKETBALL When you buy this signed ball you canalmostfeel the sweat on the ball from Kobe Bryant’s hand.You can practically visualize the ball being used in a championship game as Kobe charges the net.You also get a sense of pride when you know that Kobe Bryant has touched that ball. If you get this ball you will feel amazing. All those Memories for a fee of $200.97.
Colton Item #3
POLO SHIRT A polo shirt with class. As you wear this shirt walking down the street, you'll feel famous and look like a celebrity. It's stylish lines and luxurious fabric create dynamic lines that silouette your body. If you want to buy this shirt I'm sure you will be the one that everyone talks about. If you want to be the top story everywhere, I know you will buy this outstanding shirt. This is for a low fee of $74.89.
Raj Item #1
Safari bag With this spacious and stylishsafari bag,you will be the center of attention.As you carryThe safari bag will let you smell the forest. The bag lets you put in3 whole bottls of water. You can also hear the ripples of the stream as you walk.It comes in the colors of green,red, andblue. Getyours today.
Raj Item #2
tropical earings With these earings the guys will die for you.You will also feel the tropical winds rush through your hairand your earings wave around in the air. You can hear the tropical water trickling. You can also feel the tropical featureseven when your not in the tropical areas.. Get yours today.
Raj Item #3
Afro wig from the 80's With the afro wig you will feel like you were back in the 80's. You can feel the driving beat of the disco music from the 80's. The girls will follow you every whereyou go.Everybody will talk about it.You will be the center atensionyou go to the disco. This is why you should get an afro today. Price: $950.OO Colors:black, brown, and red
Jared Item #1
The Tech Shirt 50% technology 50% cotton. This is the J.Peterman Tech Shirt! (#260483 $40.00 size S-XXXL) Created by scientists, it has built in heater and air conditioner, even a holographic TV. This shirt will keep you from being bored, hot or cold! In the wierdest of climates! And are you at your boring Grandma's house no need to worry! The built-in TV will keep you busy for hours!
Jared Item #2
The Shiny Shoes These are natural Shiny Shoes (#50371967 $39.99 size 5-18)! They are made from the finest and shiniest leather in the whole world. These are as black as coal and will stay shiny wherever you go!Perfect for nighttime on Broadway these are shinier then the Neon Lights!
Jared Item #3
The Perfect Sweat Socks These socks (7024810 $19.99 sizes 5-18)are outstandingThey are made from the finest cotton in the whole world! They also have(built-in)sweat Perfect for long and hard exercise, or even for those days at school. They are also verycomfortablefor long walks in the park or for jogging and long excersizing. They will keep you active for hours!
Tom Item #1
Shirt On my way to Jake and Jessica'shouse,I found myself running!I can’t wait to show them my shirt. The shirtis blue with mountain-sand-yellow writing on it. It was the perfect shirt to wear to Jake and Jessie’s penthouse in New York City. It is so awesome!I can also go camping in the woods with it on.
Tom Item #2
Thesejeans are dark blue and very loose. I would wear the jeans on the boat and anywhere like theCountrySteakHouseresturaunt. The jeans are blue green like the sea. The pants are the only ones that are convertible andthey aresoft like the sand on the sea.
Tom Item #3
P.j.’s It as Christmas Eve! I wore the best pajamas ever. They were gray with Spiderman pictures all overthem. I went to bed in the biggest and softest bed ever with stars above the room. The room was 95degrees andthe night air was as moist as a damp sponge.
Natalie item #1
Sherbert Shoes

Priscilla Welch was like a bullet running down the track with the sherbert shoes on her feet. Theses sleek running shoes made for women of all ages not only look good but feel good on your feet. This shoe comes in a variety of pastel colors [orange, pink, purple, yellow] every woman would love. No matter what size your feet are, they will still look stunning, like they did on Priscilla when she won gold. $119.00 Item No.7836 Come in full and half sizes.

Natalie Item #2
Fierce Purse
As Tyra Banks was walking down fifth avenue eyes were glued on her amazing purse, the Fierce Purse. This designer handbag is made from genuine leather. The sleek and fierce design comes in many sizes and shapes. Jaws will be dropping when you walk down the street with this stunning purse on your shoulder When Tyra got home she was on the cover of People magazine with her fierce purse. $235.00 Item No. 6453

Natalie Item #3
Sassy Scarf
Heidi Klum was walking down the runway stunningly with one specific scarf around her neck, it was the sassy scarf. This scarf is made of a hundred percent silk. Made for women who are always on the go. Designed with a variety of sassy colors such as hot pink and lime green. With this scarf around your neck you’ll look and feel like a million dollars. After the show everyone was wondering where she got this scarf. $123.00 Item No. 9241

Ben Item #1

The Randy Moss Jersey

Randy Moss disliked warm; hard to breathe shirts. So he found cool; easy to breathe shirts. This jersey is so easy to breathe in you wont want to get out of the jersey. He wore this jersey so much that you will feel like Randy Moss after a while. This is why you want it.
Sizes: Large, extra large, small and medium.
Colors: Blue and white
Item Number: 008

Ben Item #2
Patriots Superbowl Hat

You are at Gillette Stadium for the Superbowl. You put on your hat on just as New England scores a touchdown. Your head starts to get warm, just then you feel this excellent breeze in your hair. You decide that this is the best hat for you.
Sizes: Large, medium and small.
Colors: Blue and white
Item number: 1024

Ben Item #3
Running Shoes

You are at Venice Beach Boardwalk and you decide to go for a run on this beautiful day. You start out with a little jog. Before you knew it you had run a couple of miles and it felt like you ran a couple of feet. You get back to the boardwalk and your feet never have felt better and you lost weight.
Sizes: Adult small, Adult medium, Adult large, and kids large.
Colors: gray, white, blue, and brown.
Item number: 1305

Grey Item #1
Caribbean Cruise Sunglasses When you wear these Caribbean Cruise sunglasses, the blazing sun doesn’t burn you or your eyes and you feel cool in the small boat in the Caribbean. The smell of the ocean and the sound of the crashing waves seem to calm you as you stare into the sparkling blue sea. The magnificent taste of the sweet and tangy lemonade makes you smile, sitting in your chair. The boat rocks back and forth and you are having a great day, thanks to these sunglasses.You can buy this item in half circle shapes or oval. The frame comes in gold, silver, and bronze. You also have a wonderful variety of colors to choose including: red, black, orange, and blue. It comes in all sizes. It costs $29.99.

Grey Item #2
Great Gardening Gloves As you wear these Great Gardening Gloves, the scent of fresh flowers and soil will fill the air as you tug out the nasty weeds in your garden.All that effort is worth it as you gaze at yourlush garden and all the beautiful plant, not to mention thewildlife that willbe attracted to your paradise.The wonderful plants and the sound of animals will make any visitor welcome. When you get these gloves, you will have the best garden ever!Sizes come in xxs, xs, s, m, l, xl, and xxl. You can buy them in the colors of brown, black, tan, and blue. The cost of this item is $49.99.

Grey Item #3
Wonderful wedding ring This wonderful wedding ring will make any woman happy. It is encrusted with a real white diamond that was carved from an expert. As you step onto the marble platform of the beautiful church, you feel nervous. But you remember you have the wonderful wedding ring and your nervousness fades out, being replaced with excitement. The music of the pipe organ plays in the background. Your tuxedo warms you on this cold, December morning. The smell of cakes and pastries fill the air. Then, yourelegantwife strollsin. Let theperfect ceremony begin.This ring comes in all sizes and has any color of stud you wish. The ring only comes in gold. The cost is $109.99.

Matt Item #1
Sun Stopping Sombrero

Imagine a hot summer day in Mexico. You are hiking on a trail in the mountains. The sun is blazing on everyone in your group. Everyone in the group is complaining about the heat and the sun in their eyes. Everyone is whining but you. You are walking along cool with no sun in your eyes because of the Sun Stopping Sombrero. When the trail comes to an end, everyone is sweating and whining. You walk off cool, fine, and you feel great!
This hat comes in tan. We have every size there is. Item #:1685 Price: $30 (plus shipping.)
Sun Stopping Sombrero

Matt Item #2
Fancy Pants Shoes

You are walking down Broadway with a cane, top hat and of course, you’re Fancy Pants Shoes. Everyone is watching you walk down Broadway. Everyone looks at your shining shoes. You wink at girls and they just giggle. You’re on your way to the most expensive hotel. The heel of the shoe clicks as you walk. When you arrive at the hotel they give you a free day because they think you're famous.

This wonderful shoe comes in any color and any size. Item #:1687 Price: $60 (plus shipping.)
Fancy Pants Shoes

Matt Item #3
Squeaky but Dry Raincoat Imagine a work day in Seattle. You are about to walk to work when it starts to rain. You look over and you see the Squeaky but Dry Raincoat. You put it on and begin to walk. Everyone is running fast but you are just sauntering to work. When you come to the office, everyone is soaked and cold. You sit in your chair warm and dry.The color is bright yellow and comes in all sizes! Item #:1686 Price: $40 (plus shipping.)
Amanda Item #1
Ocean Breeze Imaging yourself strolling down the water's edge at the base of a volcanic mountain. Your fluttering blouse reminds you of a cooling sent of ocean breezes and the relaxing sight of the waters dancing like the flames of a low fire. The periwinkle color of the luxurious silk gleams with the sun, and the feeling of smooth, clean apple skin rubs the skin.Sleeves not attachedColors- sapphrie, periwinkle, ruby, amberAll sizes available$60.50

Amanda Item #2
Mystery Hat The soft leather cap with a thin vial of clear silk to keep bugs out and flaw-less skin in is the mystery hat! In the BorneoJungle the hat is your skin’s ally! Beware of the hat bugs! No other colors $100.00

Amanda Item #3
Silk Sand Sandals The tan is smooth as the white sand inside the glass beads that string around the a thin brown leather on Grande Beach in Jamaica. To meet a lovely man of your dreams.They feel as the sand was smooth aswet sand. All sizes No other colors$140.00

Lance Item #1
The belt for everything This amazing belt made for you, can fit anything you want on it! You can also almost where it anywhere! This belt comes in every color and size you can think of. The belt can mostly be used while hiking and mountain climbing. That way you can hold your food and water in the belt while climbing. So all you have to do is find anything in your house that you want and put it in the belt. Don’t worry if something is wrong with your belt, because you can return it and get your money back! Or you can return it and get a new one. So buy this belt now!

Lance Item #2
A hat for food and drinks I can’t believe whatIcan do with this hat! You can drink and eat in this hat! There are four tubes and two of them are food, and the other two are drinks. The hat that you can have right now…… comes in every color and a couple different sizes. This hat is great to where at baseball games! If something is wrong with your hat you can get your money back, or return it and get a new one. Get this hat now!

Lance Item #3
A coat for different weathers I can’t believe it! There is another new item! This coat can be used in any kind of weather! All you do is open the coat up and there is a zipper. You can unzip the layers, and put different layers on! You can have fur, fuzzy, nothing at all and many more. You can get it in every color and size. If it is not working out for you, then you can get your money back. Or you can try a different one. Get this coat now! Layers come separately!

Lydia Item #1
The J. Peterman Shoes Item # 12736
You have a big interview with Versace this morning to become a fashion designer. The only problem is that you don’t know what shoes to wear. Then you think, oh, the Royal Blue, leather shoes. You pick them up and feel leather as smooth as a baby’s skin. As you stroll proudly down the street, you can almost taste the air. You wear them to the interview. The first thing said to you was “Nice shoes”. When the interview was done, you ‘landed on your feet’ and was offered the job!
Colors: Royal Blue Sizes: All sizes available

Price: 50.00

Lydia Item #2
Yankee Baseball hat Item #12836
You’re sitting at the New York Yankee stadium with your hat on. Everyone that sees you comments “Nice hat”. Then all of a sudden, the Yankees hit a home run. The ball was flying straight at you! You reach out and catch it! At the end of the game, Yankees won! The perfect day!
Colors: White with Yankee symbol on it Sizes: Elastic

Price: 50.00

Lydia Item #3
Tuxedo Item # 12783 You’re walking down the driveway to get into your limo in Hollywood. You tell the driver to go to the Church of Scientology International. When you get there, you walk down the carpet, cameras flashing. You here the piano playing softly. The perfect day for a wedding.Price: 100.00 Sizes: Any size Colors: Gray, white
Emily Item #1

Bourbon Belt:
When you’re wearing the Bourbon belt you feel like you are walking along the sidewalk in Bourbon Street French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. You are the envy of all of the girls there. You can hear the cars passing by whispering about the amazing belt that you are wearing! Everyone there wishes that they had one too, just because of you!
You can get the belt in 6 different colors: orange, yellow, brown, black, pink and purple. The sizes that you can get it in our: XS, S, M, L, XL. $-100

Item # 48648
Emily Item #2

Kenya Jacket:In the Kenya Jacket you’ll feel like you’re on a Safari in Kenya, Africa. Seeing all of the amazing animals pop their heads out of the tall grass to look at your wonderful Kenya Jacket. You can feel the air blowing through your hair. You can hear the wind rustling against the grass. You know that you’re looking ravishing in you’re new, amazing, unique, Kenya Jacket.Details:Colors: purple, pink, green, white, black. Sizes: XS, S, M, LXL XXL XXXL XXXXL. $250Item # 78945
Emily Item #3

Emerald Scarf:
When you’re wearing the Emerald scarf you feel like you are walking down the Emerald Beach in Australia with the man of you’re dreams. You can taste the salty water in the fresh, crisp air. You see the waves crashing on the shore revealing seashells and sand dollars. You hear the waves roaring from the ocean. While the Emerald Scarf is wrapped around you, you think back on the great day that you had.
Colors: pink, purple, black, white. Sizes: S, M, L. $-50

Item # 458965
Joe Item #1
Steel hands
I went to motocross race and I wore my new steel gloves. The glove area is very strong on the outside but when you put your hand in side of the glove it is very soft and it feels really good on your hand. At the end of the end of the race jam Stewart came up to me and ask me if he could buy them. If you buy these gloves you will be a great rider like he was. All sizes. Just red item number 1. $84.99
Joe Item #2
Gel seat
I premiered my gel seat at the 2009 AMA motocross finals.
The gel seat is extremely smooth and soft. At the end of the finals I met Ricky Carmical.

He was really interested in to the seat I had on my dirt bike and he wanted it and I said I was selling them and so he bought one. If you use this seat you will be great like Ricky Carmical. Sizes all, Color all, number item 2. $34.99
Joe Item #3
Waterproof shoesIn Australia I went swingingwith my new waterproof shoes I could smell the fresh air and the trees in the distance. The waterproof shoes are very durable and comfortable. After I was done swimming and was drying off.I saw my dream girl come out of the bushes I noticed she was looking at my waterproof shoes I told her she could have them.Ifyou buy these water proof shoesyou will meat your dream girl.Sizes all. All colors Item number 3. $69.99
Bethany Item #1
The Windy City Beanie

It’s a very rainy day as you stroll through the windy city, Chicago Illinois, and you feel so erratic and full of energy. Confident you walk down past a famous American
Girl Place, joyfully watching the little girls frolic around. You take in a wonderful whiff of the hotdog stand on the corner and can almost taste the spicy mustard. A sudden blast of wind pushes your beanie farther back on your head. The rain drips down your face and suddenly you realize the beauty of your life and ensemble. This beanie is worn by the most appreciative and understanding fashion icons. You can feel very proud that you are wearing a beautiful treasure.
Sizes: One size fits all.
Colors: Forest green, cherry red, ocean blue, charcoal black, chocolate brown, citrus orange, sun yellow, and vibrant purple.
Prices: $154.00 Item #495

Bethany Item #2

The Windmill scarf

You frolic through the long meadow, enjoying the weekend because after a whole week of hard and successful work you can finally RELAX! You twirl round and round while your one of a kind windmill scarf whips around your neck. The rush of the wind is exhilarating as the windmills are only three miles away and the wind itself is already strong. The beads on the scarf twinkle as you move. When one single rain drop falls on one single bead, time stops, and the moment flabbergasts you.
Sizes: One size fits all
Colors: Black and silver or Gold and green.

Price: $330.00 Item #232
Bethany Item #3
Zebra convertible Glasses

After a long day of work you hop into the company’s convertible, excited and full of energy. The sun is so powerful and bright in Arizona when you turn a corner and the sun shines right in your eyes but the Zebra Convertible Glasses help you make it through with no damage. The fun design and unique shape of the glasses makes them a perfect delight! When you get home there’s no worry about tanning marks! These glasses are a brilliant discovery.
Colors: One color; Neon red; zebra
Price: $ 527.00 Item #256