Descriptive Writing hat.jpg - J. Peterman Style
The J. Peterman catalog is famous for its uniquely written passages that describe the clothing it sells. Stories about the articles of clothing are often shared by the catalog's writers, or they hint at the memories these clothes will bring you if they are purchased. The catalog has a definite voice, and in this project, the students pretended to be an employee of the J. Peterman Catalog Writing Team.
The Task:
Describe possible catalog items by sharing wonderful word choices and perhaps a story or two that might inspire buyers to purchase those items.

1. Shoot for a lengthy paragraph for your description – Do not forget the order number
2. (No. ). Again, look to J. Peterman for inspiration!
3. You will need a title – some kind of header.
4. Create a price for your item & make sure to mention the sizes & color options
5. All item descriptions should be accompanied by a hand-drawn illustration

Step #1: Take a look at the examples of catalog items from the J. Peterman catalog.
Step #2: Using the Try This On For Size Worksheet, select an item that you wish to sell. It can be clothing, sport equipment or any non-electronic device.
Step #3: Using the Try This On For Size Worksheet, begin describing specific sensory (using the five senses) details that would make your item appealing. This link, may help
Step #4: Using the Try This On For Size Worksheet, invent a special memory that could possibly be created if your product was used.

Using your Try This On For Size worksheet as a foundation, begin pouring thoughts onto the page. Try new words and include details as well as words that will captivate your reader’s interest—you need to create a description that makes the person want the item!

Review your writing for clarity and expressiveness. Consider the following checklist questions:

Did I describe the items as I hope people to visualize them?
Did I use many sensory details?
Does the moment that I created sound memorable and intriguing?
What can I add to bring the story to life? Did I use SHOW DON’T TELL Writing?

Design: Draw or create your items. Every catalog page has a picture of the item that they are selling! Draw (and color) the item that your descriptive writing is trying to sell!

Editing: After you have made revisions to your writing, please proofread carefully for final corrections. You will be editing collaboratively through Etherpad as well to get additional feedback/suggestions on your work.

Check any sentence fragments or run-on sentences.
Use periods, exclamation points and question marks correctly.
Use a singular verb with a singular subject and a plural verb with a
plural subject.

This is a fun interactive that might help with brainstorming catalog ideas!!!